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Join HEalth hack Academy, Stockholm, September 10, 2016

Mental health problems among teenagers are increasing and we need your help to change this sad, negative trend. Health Hack Academy 2016 is about exploring how new methods and new technologies can be used to help teenagers become and stay healthy and well. Join and share your ideas and skills. Co-create with other brilliant people during an intense and inspiring day.

If you have any questions, please send a mail to andreas.namslauer@ssci.se


Why Health Hack Academy?

We believe that diverse teams are crucial for solving the health challenges of today. We believe that people with different background, expertise and driving forces are needed to create engaging products and services. That is why we for the third time arrange Health Hack Academy.

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people get together in interdisciplinary teams  to co-create great solutions to specified challenges in a limited time span.

What is Health Hack Academy?

It’s a hackathon where solutions (concepts or prototypes for products & services) are developed to solve real life health issues, this year focusing on mental health among young people,  11 – 15 years old. At Health Hack Academy we solve challenges that matter – for real.

Why should I attend Health Hack Academy?

Health Hack Academy is a great place to learn new things, expand your network and share your expertise. At the same time you contribute to a solution which aim to have real impact on a major societal challenge. The event and environment will encourage people to engage in conversations, share information and work with others to solve today’s health challenges in a hands-on way.

Is it a competition? What happens after the hackathon?  

Health Hack Academy 2016 is not a competition but a place to learn, share and contribute. However, at the end of the event each team will  present/demo their solution and all participants  will have the chance to vote for their favorite.

After the hackathon, results from the hackathon will be presented at the international conference Digital Health Days in Stockholm, September 21-22 2016.

Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa at SKL (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) will be able to finance testing and prototyping of one or two ideas from the hackathon. This is a possibility for the teams of the hackathon to take their ideas/solutions to the next step.

Since it is not possible to predict the results from the hackathon, there will be no guarantee that an idea will be selected. The decision is made by representatives from Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa at SKL based on the ideas potential to spread and become implemented within local authorities and the national health care systems. If an idea/solution is selected they will be contacted before end of September.

How do I know what to develop?

We will present the challenges for you to solve. These are based on real life problems and specified together with patients and experts from healthcare, companies and other organizations.

What are the challenges?

The main theme is to create tools that help young people (11-15 years old) to promote their mental health and wellbeing.

The specific challenges are found here.

If you prefer to work on a specific challenge, please mark that when you register and we will do our best to meet your requests when we compose the teams.

Who can apply?

Psychologists, people with their own experiences of mental health problems, entrepreneurs, designers, teachers, coders, UX experts, behavioral psychologists, game developers, artists, VR specialists, medical doctors, app developers, personal trainers, patients, healthcare professionals, students, researchers, marketeers and other bold thinkers and doers wishing to help improve mental health and wellbeing among young people.

I don’t know how to code software or design stuff. Can I join anyway?

Yes, you are most welcome! We expect you to be part of solving problems for real users; programming may just small pieces of the puzzle. Health Hack Academy is for both experienced hackers and those who have never participated in a hackathon.

How do I join a team?

This year we will have a limit of 30 attendees and we will strive to put together teams with diverse experiences and competences. Each team consists of five people will include a psychologist from Gustavsberg Vårdcentral, a primary care center determined to be the best at treating mental illness. 

Based on your experience, interests and competences we will add you to a team. Each team will consist of five people.

What about food?

There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner and coffee, tea, refreshments and snacks served free of charge for all participants.

Will there be free Wi-Fi?


What resources and assistance is provided during the weekend?

We will have experts in service design available and all teams will have people with psychological expertise. Paper and pens in different colors and sizes as well as glue, scissors and basic prototyping material will be available.

Do I have to bring anything to the hackathon?

Yes. Please bring anything you’ll need to code (e.g. your laptop) as well as creative tools and material that you think could be useful.

Who owns the result from the hack?

You and the team own all rights. Health Hack Academy is an event where we value openness and free sharing of expertise and ideas. Anyone attending the hackathon is free to use what she or he has learned during the day.  We don’t retain the rights to anything developed as part of the Health Hack Academy. We do however reserve the rights to tell about the results in our own media channels and to publish your name and team member’s names as part of the media coverage.

Any disputes that may occur after the hack between the team members about rights is up to the team members themselves to solve.

Can my solutions utilize 3rd party APIs?

Yes, absolutely!

What about my travel and accommodation costs?

All travel and accommodation costs are covered by you.

Code of conduct

You agree to act professionally, treat everyone with respect, and treat the facilities with proper care. You agree that you are responsible for any accidents or damages that you may cause.

Who’s organizing this hackathon?

Health Hack Academy 2016 is organized by Stockholm Science City Foundation together with Red Dot Award winning design company: Veryday, Gustavsberg vårdcentral, a primary care centre just outside Stockholm that is determined to be the best at treating mental illness and SKL (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions). Co-producer and adviser is Susanne Fuglsang from Promag.

What is the venue?

H2 Health Hub, Hälsingegatan 45, Stockholm. H2 is a co-working space in Stockholm for digital health entrepreneurs & startups.

Health Hack Academy is where challenging problems within health care, self care and wellbeing are developed into ideas, products and business. Health Hack Academy 2016 is organized by Stockholm Science City Foundation together with SKL(Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), Gustavsbergs Vårdcentral (primary care center) and Red Dot Award winning design company: Veryday